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Dow 123 Strip 2" LIMESTONE 100'/rl

Dow 123 Strip 2" LIMESTONE 100'/rl

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A pre-formed, ultra-low modulus silicone extrusion that is bonded to substrates using DOWSIL™ 791 Silicone Perimeter Sealant or DOWSIL™ 795 Silicone Building Sealant. This product can be used in both new and remedial construction applications. 

  • Economical, high-performance alternative to cutting-out and recaulking existing failed weatherproofing sealants
  • Restoration joint on EIFS at both the EIFS-to-EIFS joints and window perimeter joints
  • Aluminum splice in high-performance window and curtainwall applications
  • High-performance flexible flashing material ideal for maintenance crews
  • Uniform-looking parapet or coping joint
  • Leak-free transition sea
  • Seal for leaking skylights
  • Extremely low-modulus alternative to wet sealants
  • High-movement seal capable of +200/-75 percent joint movement
  • High-shear movement seal capable of handling specified live loads, wind sway and seismic movements in a properly designed joint
  • SWRI-validated performance
  • Available in custom designs to allow easier application and smoother transitions
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