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3M 4462W Mounting Tape 3/4 x 216' - 12 rl/cs

3M 4462W Mounting Tape 3/4 x 216' - 12 rl/cs

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Introducing 3M™ Double Sided Polyethylene Foam Tape 4462 White – your solution for adhering to challenging surfaces. Engineered with a closed-cell, polyethylene foam carrier, this tape is tailored for those hard-to-bond materials. Its distinctive rubber adhesive system ensures swift adherence, even on irregular and low surface energy (LSE) substrates.

Versatile Adhesion for Varied Surfaces

Streamline your mounting process and achieve a polished finish with 3M™ Double Sided Polyethylene Foam Tape 4462 White. This tape boasts a slender 1/32 inch thickness of high-quality polyethylene foam, renowned for its superior adhesion and consistent performance on a wide array of surfaces. Notably, it excels at conforming to irregular and low surface energy materials, making it an ideal choice for demanding indoor applications and general-purpose mounting and bonding tasks. From decorative trim to nameplates, trust in this tape for a secure, long-lasting hold.

Recommended Applications:

  • Indoor general-purpose mounting and joining
  • Decorative trim
  • Nameplate mounting
  • Point-of-purchase displays and signs

The Advantages of Double Sided Tape

Elevate your mounting applications with 3M's double sided tapes, offering a trifecta of speed, strength, and enhanced aesthetics. Unlike conventional fasteners, there's no need for screws, bolts, or studs – no unsightly puncture holes. Applying this tape is a breeze, whether by hand or with a dispenser, and no specialized equipment is required for a steadfast bond.

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