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3M 3015 UC Flashing Tape 9" x 75' 1rl/cs

3M 3015 UC Flashing Tape 9" x 75' 1rl/cs

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Elevate your flashing applications with the 3M™ Ultra Conformable Flashing Tape – a resilient and highly versatile solution designed to excel in both permeable and non-permeable wall systems. This commercial-grade tape boasts extreme flexibility, offering an impressive 370% elongation both horizontally and vertically, effortlessly adapting even around corners. When it comes to your best work, don't settle for standard – choose 3M™ Ultra Conformable Flashing Tape.

Simplicity in Application

Peel, stretch, and stick – it's that straightforward. Should you require adjustments, this tape can be easily adhered and repositioned on a wide range of common building substrates. Complex penetrations are handled swiftly and efficiently, eliminating the need to cut and splice multiple pieces of tape for optimal coverage. With 3M™ Ultra Conformable Flashing Tape, adaptability is at your fingertips.

Recommended Applications:

  • Sealing through-wall flashing penetrations like ducts, conduits, cables, and pipes
  • Enclosing rough openings and joints in commercial building applications

Achieve Optimal Results with 3M™

Step up your flashing game with the 3M™ Ultra Conformable Flashing Tape. Engineered for performance and adaptability, it's the go-to choice for professionals in a wide range of applications.

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