Product Description

Vulkem® 360NF is a low-odor, VOC compliant, water-cured, rapid-setting polyurethane basecoat that possesses tenacious adhesion primarily to clean and dry concrete, but also to wood and metal. Vulkem 360NF is a versatile basecoat that can be applied at various thicknesses. Vulkem 360NF is mixed with water as the curative at a ratio of five parts membrane to one part water.

Basic Uses

Vulkem 360NF has been specially formulated for the odor sensitive applications created in heavily occupied areas. Vulkem 360NF is ideal for plazas, vehicular and recreation decks, balcony terraces, mechanical rooms, restrooms, kitchens, stadiums, ramp areas, elevated plenums and other primarily concrete/masonry surfaces. Vulkem 360NF is ideal for restoration work where both time and odor are a concern. 

Compatible Vulkem Intermediate and Topcoats

Tremco offers a complete line of time-tested, compatible Vulkem intermediate and topcoats that form a strong interlaminary bond to the Vulkem 360NF. Compatible topcoats are Vulkem 351, 351NF, 346, 951NF and 950NF (indoor only

for 950NF). Compatible intermediate coats are Vulkem 345
and 950NF. These Vulkem coatings when used in conjunction with the recommended aggregate, create a tough, aesthetically pleasing, abrasion resistant wearing surface over the Vulkem 360NF basecoat.

Standard Color



5 gal. (19L) pails
55 gal. (208L) drums