Product Description

Vulkem® 350NF is a single-component, fast curing, low odor polyurethane basecoat that possesses tenacious adhesion primarily to clean and dry concrete, but also to wood and metal. Vulkem 350NF is a versatile basecoat that can be applied underneath any Vulkem intermediate or topcoat or used under tile. Vulkem 350NF is available in two viscosities, R (roller grade) for vertical or horizontal applications and SL (self- leveling) for horizontal applications.

Basic Uses

Vulkem 350NF is ideal for plazas, vehicular and recreation decks, balcony terraces, mechanical rooms, restrooms, kitchens, stadiums, ramp areas, elevated plenums and other primarily concrete surfaces. Please contact Technical Services for additional information on applications. 

Product Features

  • Fast cure - refer to chart on page 2 for cure rates.

  • Low odor

  • Unprimed adhesion to concrete

  • Less than 90 g/l of Volatile Organic Content

  • Low potential for out gassing

  • Low viscosity

  • Compatible with all Tremco intermediate and topcoats

  • No cure inhibition or adhesion issues when used with Tremco’s Dymeric 240FC, Dualflex, Vulkem 45 SSL and Vulkem 116.

  • Can be used under tile - contact Tremco Services for application information.

    Product Benefits

  • Fast cure means quicker turnaround on jobsite

  • Low odor ideal for restoration and interior applications

  • Easy to apply

  • Compatibility with other Tremco products minimizes the risk of failure when it abuts other transitions or penetrations of the structure such as floor-to-wall transitions, detailing and drainage areas.