Product Description

TREMproof® 250GC is a rapid-curing, high solids, VOC compliant modified polyurethane waterproofing membrane. It can be applied to damp and Green concrete. TREMproof 250GC is a one-part moisture curing elastomer available in three viscosities: Self-Leveling, Roller and Trowel (trowel intended for detailing work).

Basic Uses

TREMproof 250GC is designed for use on backfilled walls, split slab applications, planters and submerged conditions.

Features and Benefits

TREMproof 250GC can be applied in as little as 24 hours following the removal of concrete forms to keep construction moving. It can also be applied to damp concrete, reducing
the delays associated with rain or other sources of water. The unique ability to catalyze TREMproof 250GC with water when desired will speed cure times, especially cold temperatures and low relative humidity, to further compress the construction schedule. TREMproof 250GC can be applied at a rate of up to 120 mils in a single lift to speed application without sacrificing performance. It can also be applied in multiple lifts to achieve a 215 mil high-build system when maximum protection is required. 


Refer to TREMproof 250GC Application Instructions for specific application details. The techniques involved may require modification to adjust to job-site conditions. Consult your local Tremco Sales Representative or Tremco Technical Services for specific design requirements.


Do not apply to contaminated surfaces. Not to be used as an exposed or wearing surface. Use with adequate ventilation. Concrete forms must be removed a minimum of 24 hours before TREMproof 250GC can be applied. Not approved for direct contact with asphalt-based products. Not for use with potable water. Contact your local Tremco Sales Representative or Tremco Technical Services for compatibility information and job-specific recommendations on tie-in and termination details.


5 gal. (19L) pails, 36 pails/pallet
55 gal. (208L) drums, 4 drums/pallet