Product Description

The TREMDrain® Series of drainage mats consists of a family of drainage mats with a variety of combinations of filter fabrics, drainage cores and protective polymeric film. The fabric allows water to pass into the drainage core while keeping soil particles out. The drainage core acts as a protection course and creates

a high capacity drainage plane. The addition of polymeric film prevents the drainage core from pressing into the waterproofing membrane. TREMDrain drainage mats are used in conjunction with TREMproof® and Paraseal® waterproofing membranes in both vertical and horizontal applications.

TREMDrain is a two-layer drainage mat consisting of a polystyrene core and nonwoven, needle-punched, polypropylene fabric.

TREMDrain 1000 consists of a polystyrene core and nonwoven, needle-punched, polypropylene fabric (PF). Available with or without the polymeric film attached to the back of the drainage core, it offers greater compressive strength than TREMDrain. 

Basic Uses

The TREMDrain Series of mats are used with TREMproof and Paraseal waterproofing membranes serving both as a protection course and replacement for traditional pipe and stone drainage systems.

Features and Benefits

TREMDrain Series drainage mats are available in various combinations of fabrics and compressive strengths to provide the optimal level of performance for a range of applications. TREMDrain, TREMDrain 1000 and TREMDrain S feature a non- woven, needle-punched fabric that will allow water to pass through while filtering out soil particles. 


vegetation, soil type, and other related issues should be reviewed and specified by a regional horticulturist for accurate selection of vegetation for your specific region.