Supra Expert is a Super-durable thermoplastic architectural one component sealing compound. Dries by solvent evaporation.


  • Professional quality with excellent life expectancy
  • Free of air bubbles
  • Multipurpose use with a super adhesion on many construction materials, including glass
  • Ease of application without normal need of primer
  • Rapid skin formation on which dust will not adhere
  • Can be applied on vertical, horizontal or overhanging surfaces without subsiding or sagging
  • Does not contain silicone.


  • Do not use in contact with surfaces such as asphalt or tar products (coatings, adhesives, etc.), insulation panels (polystyrene, etc.) which can be damaged by solvents
  • Do not use on polyethylene, polypropylene, recycled plastic, Teflon“ or other comparable materials
  • Do not use on floor joint where abrasion will occur
  • Does not withstand immersion (tanks)