Product Description

Spectrem® 1 is an ultra low-modulus, high-performance, one- part, moisture-curing silicone joint sealant.

Basic Uses

Spectrem 1 has exceptional physical properties, making it an ideal sealant for sealing the most demanding dynamically moving joints. This includes material having a high coefficient of linear expansion such as aluminum curtainwalls, precast concrete panels, metal panels and window perimeters.

Spectrem 1 is formulated for expansion, control, lap joints,
and EIFS applications. It also acts as an adhesive used in conjunction with Spectrem Simple SealTM. Simple Seal is used as a bridge seal in both new construction and restoration work. (Please refer to the Simple Seal data sheet for more on this product.) 

Compatibility and Continuity

Spectrem 1 Silicone Sealant is the recommended sealant for use when detailing over the ExoAir® Air Barrier system to ensure
an airtight seal throughout the building envelope. Spectrem
1 has excellent adhesion to most polyethylene backed self-

adhering air barrier membranes. The performance of Spectrem
1 is exceptional when used on the polyethylene face of ExoAir 110/110LT, ExoAir TWF, and the cured surface of ExoAir 120, ExoAir 220, and ExoAir 230. Spectrem 1 is recommended for use with Tremco’s Silicone Rubber Extrusions and Tremco’s patented solution, Proglaze
® ETA (Engineered Transition Assembly), for sealing between challenging conditions such as the opaque wall air barrier and window/curtain wall assemblies. For more information on Proglaze ETA, ExoAir or Tremco’s Silicone Rubber Extrusions please visit the Tremco website at