Siga Majvest 500 SA 18" x 100' rl



Majvest SA is a sturdy and rainproof membrane that provides a permanent windtight facade on the exterior. Majvest SA is Self-Adhering with easy-to-peel silicone-based backing, it is highly tearproof and flexible membrane for safe and easy application. The material is diffusion-open and permanently protects wall construction from condensation build-up. With two different widths (5 feet or 18 inches) and the practical cutting and bonding aid, it can be applied very efficiently for all closed facades, making it an all purpose membrane.


Majvest SA is a Self-Adhering membrane. Just peel and stick!

Majvest is a three layered, facade and roof membrane. It uses a microporous functional layer, reinforced with a layer of fleece on either side with makes it tear-proof and flexible.

This roll of membrane is 18 inches wide and includes a cutting and bonding aid printed on the outer layer. Majvest SA also comes in 5′ width. Check out Majvest SA – 5′.

These features make application quick, easy, and secure.

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