Siga Wigluv Black 2.4" x 131' 10 rl/cs



Wigluv black, the black, single-sided high-performance tape is perfect for windtight bonding of facade membranes for partly open facades. Bonds on overlaps, penetrations and window joints in the exterior are no longer visible thanks to Wigluv black.


SIGA Wigluv Black 60 tape has a high adhesive strength at high and low temperatures, creating a reliable air barrier for a wide range of applications. Wigluv Black optimizes the Wigluv system; the black color makes it extremely UV-stable, meaning that this tape is highly resistant to fading and aging. Also the color makes it great for taping behind open seam siding and other potentially visible applications.

With a low perm rating, Wigluv 60 is impermeable to water yet has the ability the diffuse water vapor, preventing condensation. This makes Wigluv 60 the most effective building tape for high performance weather sealing of windows and roof and facade membranes; perfect for Passive House construction and certification.

Not only is Wigluv 60 a premier high performance air and weather sealing tape, but its easy to work with too! It is hand-tearable and has an easy to remove backing, making application quick and easy. Its elasticity makes it versatile and its high adhesive strength makes it worry free!

Suitable substrates

  • Wood
  • OSB or plywood
  • Gypsum fibreboards
  • Cement fiberboard
  • Metals
  • Hard plastics
  • Electric cables
  • Rigid Foam Insulation
  • Suitable membranes

Vapor and air barriers such as Majvest, Majcoat, or other weather barrier membranes.

Avoid using with tar paper, bituminous or silicone based membranes.

Width: 2.4 in.

Length (per roll): 131 ft.

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