SM Acryl-R 5430 WHITE 290 ml ctg 30/cs

Data Sheet



Acryl-R ® SM5430 is a non-skinning, non-drying roof sealant based on a unique elastomer that provides a non-stringy consistency and excellent resistance to severe environmental conditions of heat, cold and moisture. It has excellent cut-off characteristics and is not stringy or messy to apply. It has excellent adhesion to GALVALUME®, GALVALUME PLUS® , ACRYLUME® , ZINCALUME® ,KYNAR 500® , siliconized and polyvinyl fluoride painted metals. It has excellent webbing characteristics.


  • Will not corrode Galvalume® or copper
  • Not stringy or messy to apply
  • Excellent pumpability provides a smooth, clean application
  • Panels can be erected in the field for up to six months after being factory caulked
  • Panels can be easily separated after extended periods for repair and maintenance
  • Good gunability during field application to end laps
  • No priming required
  • Non-skinning, Non-hardening
  • Adheres to concrete and most construction surfaces
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