Tremco Primer #1 (Not for use in the United States)

Usage: Porous surfaces, urethane sealants (Dymonic, Dymonic FC, Dymeric 240, Dymeric 240FC).
Quick-drying, one-part, moisture-curing primer used as an adhesion promoter for urethane sealants on porous surfaces such as concrete and wood.

  • Apply generously with a clean brush or cloth.

  • At 70 oF (21 ̊C), allow 30 to 45 min for primer to become

    tacky before applying sealant. Do not allow primer to dry completely. The tackiness window is approximately 2 to 4 hr depending on temperatures and wind speeds.

  • Primed areas should be sealed the same day the primer was applied.

  • Coverage Rate: 100 to 600 ft2/gal