Product Description

POLYshim® II Tape is a 100% solids, highly adhesive and elastic, cross-linked butyl preformed tape with a continuous integral EPDM shim.

Basic Uses

POLYshim II Tape is used in compression glazing systems wherever the design calls for high performance glazing of curtain wall, unitized curtain walls, punched and ribbon window systems and sloped glazing applications.

Applicable Standards

POLYshim II Tape meets the requirements of AAMA 800-92 specifications 804.3, 806.3 and 807.3. 


Tape should be installed in four separate lengths, each cut
to an appropriate length for each side of the opening. Tape lengths should butt together, not overlap at the corners. A 6 in. (152mm) toe bead of compatible sealant is required at each corner to minimize the potential for water infiltration.

Please review Tremco “Glazing Tape Installation Instructions” for detailed information on selection and installation of tape.