Dymeric 240 FC

Data Sheet



Dymeric 240FC is a gun-grade, multi-component, chemically-curing, polyurethane sealant that includes a tintable base, curative packet, and a choice of 70 standard colors. Applications can range from pre-cast tilt-up concrete, masonry, and exterior insulating and finishing systems (EIFS), to metal curtain walls, and perimeter joints around doors and windows. It can also be used in certain water immersed applications.


  • Provides flexible, long life and durable waterproofing for both new construction and restoration projects in a fast curing formulation
  • Formulated to be a lightweight material designed for extreamly easy mixing, even in cold temperatures
  • Solvent free product compliant with all existing VOC regulations



Dymeric 240FC meets or exceeds the requirements of the following specifications:

  • ASTM C920-02 Type M, Grade NS, Class 50, Use T, NT, M, A and O(granite), I(Class 2)
  • CAN.CGSB 19.24-M90 Class B, Type II
  • UL 2079 (ASTM E1966), CAN/ULC S115
  • U.S. Federal Specification TT-S-00227E Class A, Type II

Fire Rated Systems:

  • CJ-D-0015
  • CJ-D-0016
  • CJ-D-0017
  • FF-D-1061
  • FF-D-1181
  • FF-S-1030
  • FF-S-1046
  • FW-D-1057
  • FW-D-1112
  • FW-S-1024
  • FW-S-1014
  • HW-D-1052
  • HW-D-1119
  • HW-S-1011
  • WW-D-1052
  • WW-D-1197
  • WW-S-1033


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