Product Description

TREMprime Multi-Surface Urethane Primer is a two-component, quick-drying, epoxy-based, VOC-compliant primer primarily for use with Vulkem® urethane deck coating and liquid-applied waterproofing products. It may also be used with Vulkem and Tremco branded urethane sealants.

Basic Uses

TREMprime Multi-Surface Urethane Primer is used as a primer on all common construction substrates, including wood, concrete, plastic and steel. It is also excellent for use as an interlaminary primer between two layers of urethane deck coating or cold liquid-applied waterproofing membrane. 


Apply to a clean, dry, sound substrate. Substrate shall not contain oils, dust, sand, or other materials that may interfere with bonding.

DO NOT allow TREMprime Multi-Surface Urethane Primer to freeze as this will adversely affect performance of the product.

TREMprime Multi-Surface Primer may not work with all metal surfaces. As with any application, a test patch is highly recommended.


Note: Pre-mix each component approximately 2-3 minutes before combining materials into the Part A container. Mix with a drill for a minimum three minutes at low speed using a paint- type mixer. Apply promptly to the freshly prepared substrate using a short nap roller at a rate of approximately 100-600 sq ft (9.29-55.74 m2) per gal (3.78 L). Primer should dry completely (approximately one-half hour at 70 ̊ F (21 ̊ C) and 50% RH) before applying urethane-based coating or membrane material. The primer is dry when it has gone from milky white to completely clear.

On substrates such as PVC, steel and other smooth surfaces, roughen the surface with sandpaper and solvent wipe before applying primer.