MasterSeal 350 is a rapid-curing, skid-resistant, epoxy-based concrete overlay system. When mixed with aggregate it can be used as a repair mortar. 

Product Highlights

  • Rapid strength development helps minimize traffic disruption

  • Waterproof to prevent chloride ion contamination, freeze-thaw damage and salt scaling

  • 90% lighter than typical concrete overlays to limit dead load in suspended structures

  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate to prevent delamination and extend surface life

  • Skid resistant increasing safety for vehicles and pedestrians

  • One to one mix ratio by volume simplifies application

  • Durable surface extends service life

  • No primer required for faster installation

  • 100% solids 


  • Horizontal surfaces

  • interior and exterior

  • Bridge decks

  • Steel decks

  • Warehouse floors

  • elevated airport runways

  • Balconies

  • concrete

  • Steel