MasterProtect® P 100 is a clear, water-based, modified acrylic primer for use with MasterProtect® high-build coatings. 

Product Highlights


  • Consolidates weak, dusting substrates for improved adhesion and durability of MasterProtect acrylic coatings.

  • Seals substrate to improve adhesion and workability of MasterProtect acrylic wall coatings.

  • Breathable to allow water vapor to escape.

  • Versatile application on a variety of substrates.

  • VOC compliant for EPA and most regional jurisdictions. 


  • Interior and exterior

  • Vertical and overhead

  • Above grade

  • Surfaces that exhibit chalking after cleaning

  • Surfaces to receive MasterProtect acrylic wall coatings 


  • Concrete

  • Masonry

  • Stucco

  • Portland cement plaster

  • Previously painted surfaces