MasterProtect H 1001 is a clear, breathable, high-performance, 100% silane sealer that achieves highest depth of penetration with an oleophobic additive for protecting new and existing concrete surfaces by reducing staining caused by motor oils, grease, and food. 

Product Features

  • Oleophobic additive reduces staining caused by motor oils, grease, and food

  • 100% silane

  • Protects against chloride ion penetration

  • Excellent depth of penetration

  • Breathability allows interior moisture to escape without damaging sealer

  • Solvent based, excellent for cold weather applications

  • Protects structure from damage caused by wind-driven rain

  • Does not alter surface appearance

  • Surface sealer helps reduce efflorescence, atmospheric staining, and mildew

  • Superior water repellence so it penetrates deeply and chemically reacts within the pores of concrete to form a long-lasting water repellent surface

  • Abrasion resistant so it provides long-lasting protection to horizontal substrates subject to traffic abrasion, such as bridge decks and highway surfaces 


  • Interior and exterior • Horizontal only

  • Above grade

  • Stadiums

  • Food courts

  • Plazas

  • Parking garages 


  • Concrete