MasterProtect EL 750AA is an algae-resistant, high-build, water-based, elastomeric, 100% acrylic, waterproof coating. its resistance to algae growth makes it appropriate for humid environments. 

Product Highlights

  • Resistant to algae growth on the coating and suitable for humid conditions

  • Available in a broad range of colors

  • Resists wind-driven rain, helps prevent water penetration into the substrate 

  • Breathable to allow water vapor to escape

  • High elongation and recovery for durable performance over dynamic cracks.

  • Excellent adhesion, bonds securely to substrate for long-term durability

  • UV resistance provides excellent color retention for a long lasting attractive finish

  • Excellent hiding power

  • Effective carbon dioxide diffusion barrier, protects embedded steel from corrosion

  • Low Voc content for broad compliance across all regions

  • Flexibility at very low temperatures makes it suitable for all climates

  • Resistant to dirt pickup

  • Master Painters institute (mPi) approved 




  • Exterior

  • Vertical surfaces

  • Above grade

  • Protecting and waterproofing 


  • Concrete

  • Masonry

  • Cement Plaster

  • Stucco

  • EiFs

  • Over existing coatings