Masteremaco P 6001 is a rapid-curing, solvent free, low viscosity, 100% reactive methacrylate resin used to seal concrete substrates prior to the application of Masteremaco S 6000 products and systems. Mastertop SrS 100HD is 50% dibenzoy peroxide (BPo) in granulated powder form to initiate the cure of the Masteremaco resin. 

Product Highlights

  • Fast curing (1 hour) to allow fast return of traffic flow on highway and bridge projects, contributing directly to worker and driver safety 

  • Solvent free, environmentally friendly 

  • Can be used at temperatures ranging from 14 to 104° F (-10 to 40° C) for extended application season 

  • UV resistance, exposure to sunlight does not affect product performance 

  • two-component for ease of installation, user friendly 

  • Compatible with other Master Builders Solutions methacrylate systems, provides complete systems approach to concrete protection 

  • Excellent bonding capabilities for ability to bond to concrete substrates 


  • Exterior 

  • Horizontal or Vertical 

  • For use as a primer for Masteremaco S 6000 


  • Concrete

  • Steel (contact technical Services for appropriate primer information)