Hydrostop Coating is a 2-part polymerized cementitious topping mortar applied as a slurry to the concrete or mortar surface and will provide a strong and durable barrier against water intrusion. Hydrostop Coating is used in conjunction with Hydrostop Grout and Hydrostop Sealer as part of the Hydrostop Restore & Protect Systemâ„¢. The system is intended for above grade concrete or mortar surfaces (i.e., concrete exposed to minimal hydrostatic pressure) and has been designed to extend the lifespan of aging infrastructure and buildings.

Product Features

  • Extends the lifespan of aging concrete infrastructure and buildings as part of the Hydrostop Restore & Protect System

  • Improves aesthetics by providing more even color and smoothness to the concrete surface

  • Provides superior aging quality when exposed to UV radiation versus liquid coatings

  • Resists thermal cycling and provides a resilient surface

  • Protects reinforcing steel against corrosion

  • Provides excellent resistance to waterborne chemicals such as sulfates, chlorides, and acids

  • Choice of grey or white color

  • Can be painted after curing

  • Can be applied to damp concrete

  • Can be tinted using colored pigments for concrete


  • Reduces the cost of maintenance and repairs

  • Avoids costs of building replacement and prevents disruption to facility and building operations

  • Easy-to-use system that decreases the application costs

  • Increases environmental sustainability by extending the lifespan

  • Increases durability, decreasing building maintenance and repair costs

  • Superior performance enhancing your reputation for high quality work