Guertin 1010

Formulated from a blend of polymers to produce a highly adhesive flexible sealant specifically developed for use as a building joint sealant. Formulated to produce 100% cohesive failure in peel adhesion tests on a variety of typical substrates.

For interior/exterior joints that have up to +/- 40% joint movement and may be periodically immersed in water. For use in sealing, caulking and glazing applications on substrates of glass, metal, concrete, wood, vinyl and masonary. Specifically recommended for perimeter caulking of windows, doors, panels, panel to panel joints, frames, toe, cap, and heel beads and back bedding.


  • perimeter sealing and capping
  • primary & secondary sealing
  • small joint sealing
  • insulation adhesive GS1100 Thermoplast Weather Sealant
  • Quick, drying, fast through cure
  • Low viscosity for easy application
  • Excellent vapor barrier adhesion