Tremco ET 675 is a 100% solid, cross-linked pre- formed (extruded) butyl tape. Tremco ET 675 is non- oxidizing, non-film forming, and provides exception- al flow resistance when subjected to extreme vibra- tion.

Basic Uses:

Tremco ET 675 is used for concrete to concrete seals, glass to metal seals, and prevents drumming of roofs and side panels on prefab trailers and mobile homes. ET 675 also is used to separate dissimilar metals to prevent galvanic action, and seal out moisture and air infiltration for roof and side panel lap joints.

Tremco ET 675 exhibits superior adhesion to a wide variety of treated and untreated surfaces including metal, wood, glass, and general plastic surfaces.


Not for use in joints subjected to prolonged periods of water submersion. Although generally compatible with most sealants, a compatibility test should be requested when used in conjunction with sealants other than Tremco sealants.

Surface Preparation:

For good adhesion, the joint interface must be sound, clean, and dry. Depending on the substrates, the surface may require wire brushing or solvent cleaning.


Installation instruction available from your local Tremco Field Representative. Tape lengths should butt together, not overlap at the corners.

Technical Services:

Your local Tremco Field Representative, in conjunc- tion with Tremco Technical Services personnel, offer a unique problem solving capability. This includes assistance through the specification and detail design development stages as well as on-site applica- tion instructions and inspection when requested. Their services are fully supported by the Tremco Research & Development Center which has earned a unique reputation for expertise in sealant technolo- gy. From concept through project completion, your Tremco Field Representative is available for your assistance. 


Tremco ET 675 Extruded Tape is supplied in rolls packaged in cartons.
Available in a wide variety of extruded sizes.