Dow Corning 902 Rapid Curing Silicone

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Dow Corning 902 is a Rapid-cure, self-leveling, two-part silicone rubber sealant designed to seal expansion joints.

Product Features

  • Rapid cure

  • Easy to use

  • Convenient disposal pak

  • High movement capability

  • Seals irregular surfaces

  • Ultra-low modulus

  • Fully elastic

  • Good weather ability

  • Long-life reliability

  • All-temperature gunnability

  • Bonds to itself

  • Curbs – while self-leveling, can be installed in vertical curb joints when proper damming techniques are used


  • Dow Corning® 902 RCS Joint Sealant is primarily intended for use in expansion joints found on bridges that vary in width from 1 to 3 inches (25 to 76 mm) at the time of sealing. Wider joints can be sealed; contact your Dow Corning representative for recommendations. The substrate may be concrete/concrete, concrete/steel or steel/steel.

  • Dow Corning 902 RCS Joint Sealant can be used as the original sealant in new construction or as a remedial repair sealant in existing construction. In new construction, it provides a long-lasting seal that will prolong the life of the structure.

  • For use in repair or remedial applications where other joint sealing materials have failed, it can be used to seal irregularly shaped or minor spalled joints.