Dow Corning 1299 Silicone Seam Sealer

Technical Data Sheet

Dow Corning 1299 is a Self-leveling silicone sealant for use in seam or joinery applications of fenestration assemblies to reduce or prevent air and water infiltration. 

Product Features

  • Self-leveling seam sealant that flows into joints without tooling

  • Significantly less odor compared to solventborne acrylic seam sealers

  • Minimal shrinkage

  • Low VOC (less than 60 g/L); meets VOC requirements of SCAQMD Rule 1168

  • Validated AAMA Component as Narrow Joint Seam Sealer per Specification 803.3-10, Type II 


  • Seam or joint sealer in construction of fenestration assemblies to prevent or reduce air or water infiltration between mitered, fastened or slip-jointed extrusions

  • Seals screw heads, fasteners and end dams