Blueskin Spray Prep is a rubber based adhesive primer for self-adhesive membranes. 

Product Features

  • Quick setting

  • Aggressive tack provides increased adhesion of membrane

  • Suitable for application at normal and low temperatures

  • Easily applied 


  • Used as a primer for self-adhesive membranes such as Blueskin SA, Blueskin WP 200, Blueskin ROOF RF 200, Blueskin PE200HT, Vapor Bloc SA or modifiedPLUS® SA when applied to masonry, concrete, wood, gypsum board, DensGlass Gold® and metal surfaces.

  • Blueskin Spray-Prep primer is ideal where a very fast drying primer is required. Convenient spray can application eliminates the need for brushes or rollers. Three minute tack time.

  • Designed for applications above -12C.