Product Description

Tremco 440 Tape is a 100% solid Polyisobutylene cross-linked butyl, preformed sealant.

Basic Uses

Tremco 440 Tape is used for non-compression glazing of vision lites and spandrel panels in PVC metal and wood frames, in low rise building construction.

Tremco 440 Tape is also used for lap sealing between panels such as steel, aluminum and porcelain as well as a variety of other joints subject to shear between similar and dissimilar materials.


Tape width: +0.8mm, (+1/32")
Tape Thickness: +0.4mm, -0 (+1/64”, -0)

Applicable Standards

Tremco 440 Tape meets the requirements of AAMA 800-92 specifications 804.3 and 807.3.


Tape should be installed in four separate lengths, each cut
to an appropriate length for each side of the opening. Tape lengths should butt together, not overlap at the corners. A 6 in. (152mm) toe bead of compatible sealant is required at each corner to minimize the potential for water infiltration. 
Please review Tremco “Glazing Tape Installation Instructions” for detailed information on selection and installation of tape. 

Technical Services

Your local Tremco Sales Representative, in conjunction with Tremco Technical Services personnel, offer a unique problem solving capability. This includes assistance through the specification and detail design development stages as well as on-site application instructions and inspection when requested. Their services are fully supported by the Tremco Research & Development Center which has earned a unique reputation for expertise in sealant technology. From concept through project completion, your Tremco Sales Representative is available for your assistance.


Not for use in joints subjected to continuous water immersion or temperatures exceeding 158 ̊F    (70 ̊C). Although generally compatible with most sealants, a compatibility test should
be requested from the sealant manufacturer when used in conjunction with sealants other than Tremco sealants.

Not for use with lites of glass over 75 united in. (1905mm). As the size of the lites approaches 75 united in. (1905mm), 50 in. (1270mm) in height or 8-10 sq.ft. (.743-.929 sq.m.) in area, a higher performance glazing system should be considered, such as the use of POLYshim® II Tape. Contact your local Tremco Sales Representative for guidance.